Superior Hydration



A 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can significantly reduce athletic performance due to extra demands on the body.

Proper Hydration can prevent this. SOS helps you perform at your best.

Maximise Performance



Absorb 3 x more water than drinking water alone. Osmolarity is the balance between sodium and water in the body.

Oral rehydration solutions set in the hypotonic range are more effective at rehydrating you. SOS equals the global standard set by the WHO.

Absorb More Water



Get 3 x the amount of electrolytes found in the average sports drink. Sports drinks are ineffective at combating dehydration since they do not contain the correct amount and balance of electrolytes and glucose. SOS has the perfect mix of them for optimal hydration.

Three Times More Electrolytes

Correction concerning purported comparisons between “SOS” products and other products, including “Hydralyte” and “Hydralyte Sports” products


SOS Rehydrate Australia is the Australian distributor of “SOS” hydration drink mix products. In advertising and marketing materials issued by SOS Rehydrate Australia to pharmacies in the period from at least February 2016 to at least August 2016, and posted on its website in the period between at least February 2016 and at least August 2016, purported comparisons were made between “SOS” hydration drink mix products and certain products listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, including “Hydralyte” and “Hydralyte Sports” products. SOS Rehydrate Australia now accepts that it was not entitled to make such comparisons because “SOS” products were not (and are not) listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.


In the course of making those purported comparisons, a number of representations were made by SOS Rehydrate Australia that were not correct. In particular, SOS Rehydrate Australia now accepts that:


  • “Hydralyte Sports” products contain magnesium;
  • 1 x SOS sachet is not the equivalent of 2.5 Hydralyte tablets;
  • There is no reasonable basis to believe that “SOS” hydration mix products are the most advanced hydration drink mix products on the market or that they are more advanced than “Hydralyte” or “Hydralyte Sports” products;
  • There is no reasonable basis to believe that “SOS” hydration mix products are to be recommended instead of existing hydration brands, including “Hydralyte” products, on the basis that “SOS” hydration mix products contain low sugar; and
  • Not all “Hydralyte” and “Hydralyte Sport” products have the values of potassium and osmolarity assigned to them in materials published by SOS Rehydrate Australia.